Heal Your Gut Heal Your Body


Your gut gets ill, then you get ill; and you cannot get better until it gets better. This book explains what is going on and how to correct it.

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Heal Your Gut Heal Your Body

by Chris Woollams.

Chris Woollams, former Oxford University Biochemist and founder of CANCERactive, wrote his first article on gut bacteria in 2005; Called ‘Mother’s little helpers’, it was about the causes of colorectal cancer. By 2011 he had written his best-selling book ‘The Secret Source of your good health’. Now, this new book follows on from there, covering all manner of illnesses from Crohn’s to cancer and diabetes to dementia.

Chris looks at all the obvious illnesses in the gut like IBS and colitis, but then explores autism and Alzheimer’s right through to cardiovascular disease and strokes.

‘This book is incredibly easy to read and so well researched’ says Dr. Andrew Tresidder. ‘Most importantly, it tells you exactly how to rebuild a healthy gut! It is the most important thing we all need to know’.

The final and most important thought goes to Chris: ‘Do I think a damaged microbiome can cause cause cancer or Parkinson’s disease? You bet! You need to fix your gut regularly, just like you service your car! If you don’t you are asking for trouble’.

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